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Little Piece of Paradise Farm

Organic Culinary Sample Pack, Sustainable Farm Grown Herbs,

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Use this culinary herb sampler pack containing 7 herbs to taste new herbs or make your own mixes. Herbs can include, Sweet Marjoram, Chives, Basil, Lovage, Sage, Oregano, Summer Savory and Curly Leaf Parsley to taste new herbs or your own mixes.

Perfect as a gift for someone new to herbs or wanting to taste different varieties.
Sent with a taste of herbs wheel card, to give ideas of how to use the herbs and a description page with a little background on the herb and ideas of how to cook with it.

Example of description on description page,
Already the ancient romans were using sage for its wide range of culinary and medicinal purposes, Its Latin name “Salvia” derives from the word “salvare” which means “save”. In the Mediterranean cuisine, especially the Italian, sage is one of the most used herbs. Its digestive properties and its full aromatic flavor makes it perfect for meat like lamb, duck or pork, it is a wonderful addition to stuffing’s and it deliciously seasons sauces for meat and pasta.
Its medicinal uses are countless, for example to counteract sweating, treating depressions, nervous anxiety and liver disorders, or help with circulation and menopausal problems. It is antiseptic and can also be used as a mouth freshener and tooth cleaner. Do not use when pregnant or breast feeding.
Its essential oils are used in perfumery.

We are a small-scale producer of culinary and medicinal herbs. All herbs are grown on our certified organic farm in British Columbia and are hand harvested, dried, and packaged on site in a dedicated approved facility. Our products are picked at their peak and dried in small batches to retain shape and flavour.
Our farm also uses regenerative farming practices, such as using animals (goats, sheep, pigs) to maintain and prepare new beds. This ensures that not only are we organic, but no heavy machinery ever touches the soil, and we maintain a healthy soil ecosystem....

Our organic certification is from PACS Certification Society in BC, Canada and our herb drying facility is approved by Interior Health.