Our commitment to you:

- We only sell herbs that we have grown ourselves on our farmland. No overharvesting mountain landscapes.

- We always sell herbs harvested this year or a few of the best quality harvested late in the season last year: you are never getting 2-3 yr old herbs!

- We have a Canadian organic certification. No pretending. This is stringent, includes annual audits of the farm and requires A LOT of work and investment. Not even our fence posts can include treated wood.

- We practice regenerative farming. Using animals (sheep, goats, pigs, chickens) to dig soil. This means no heavy machinery damaging soil ecosystems. We also always leave some herbs/berries for wild animals and have a wetland and wild animal corridor within our 8 acre plot.

- We harvest by hand and dry on site in our dedicated food safe facility. Then store in a regulated environment until your order!

Do you know where and under what conditions your herbs/herbal medicine are grown?

Our Farm

Dried Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Sustainably Farm Grown in Canada

Little Piece of Paradise Farm is an organic culinary and medicinal herb farm certified by PACS growing over 70 varieties of organic herbs. We grow in dedicated fields and wildcraft on the 8 acre farm. We harvest, remove stems and dry in small batches in a dedicated building on the farm.

Following regenerative farming practices, like preparing new beds by having our sheep, goats and pigs eat and dig up the land, and trying to be self-sufficient by growing our food, we really are trying to supply you with the most ethical and sustainable herbs possible.

Our Culinary and Medicinal herbs are grown in this way to provide you with the most aroma, flavour and health benefits and to give back to nature in the process.

Discover our dried culinary and medicinal herbs individually or mixed in herbal teas, herb salad dressing mixes, marinades, seasonings and more in our Shop.