Dried Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Sustainably Farm Grown in Canada

At Little Piece of Paradise Farm we grow certified organic herbs. We also hand harvest, cut and remove stems by hand and dry in small batches.

Following regenerative farming practices, like preparing new beds by having our sheep, goats and pigs eat and dig up the land, and trying to be self-sufficient by growing our food and eating our animals, we really are trying to supply you with the most ethical and sustainable herbs possible.

Our Culinary and Medicinal herbs are grown in this way to provide you with the most aroma, flavour and health benefits and to give back to nature in the process.

Discover our dried herbs, herbal teas and mixes in our Shop or become a member of our community by joining our Herbal CSA Program.

Keeping farm animals and a walk-behind tractor instead of a tractor, wild crafting medicinal herbs on our land, allowing a wildlife corridor on our 8 acre plot, and using organic soil, seeds and no chemicals, are only some of the sustainable and regenerative farming practices we use.