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Little Piece of Paradise Farm

Organic Holy Basil/Tulsi, Ocumum sanctum, 2023 Harvest, Sustainable Canadian Farm Grown

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Also known as Tulsi, dried Holy Basil is used as a nutritive herb in tea and is rich in antioxidants.
It is a sacred plant in Hindu belief and has properties allowing it to help in digestion, high blood pressure and the skin.

Tulsi is a mild adaptogen and you can drink it daily in a tea or even make a mouthwash from it.

It can be used to combat “stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, viral infections, fungal infections, pain ulcers, depression, colds and flus, allergic rhinitis, herpes virus, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance.” (De la Foret, Rosalee. alchemy of Herbs. Hay House, Inc., 2017)

*Cut and dried
*Packaged in a paper bag with plastic lining to retain freshness and keep moisture out.

We are a small-scale producer of culinary and medicinal herbs. Herbs are grown on our farm in British Columbia without the use of sprays or fertilizers and hand harvested, dried and packaged on site. Our products are picked at their peak and dried in small batches to retain shape and flavour. We, unfortunately, cannot accept returns or exchanges but please contact us within 4 business days of receiving your item if there is a problem.