About Herbs

The world of herbs (and flowers, which we consider herbs) is so vast that no website or book can ever scratch the surface.

However, on this page you will find an introduction to prolonging the life of your dried herbs and introductions in the culinary as well as medicinal herb worlds.

Prolonging the life of your Dried Herbs

If you have bought herbs from us, you have seen, smelled and tasted their “outstanding quality” (customer words, not ours!). So why not prolong the life of this delicious premium product? 

Learn more about the best way to store your dried herbs.

Find out how to store dried herbs

About Culinary Herbs

Cooking with herbs (and spices) opens a whole new world of flavours! Adding even 1 variety of herb to a meal can completely change the nutritional content and flavour.

Read on to learn a bit about culinary herbs, from some people who cannot stop cooking with them.

Read more about culinary herbs

About Medicinal Herbs

The world of medicinal herbs is vast and dates back thousands of years.

Learn more about the world of medicinal herbs and plants. 

Learn more about medicinal herbs