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Little Piece of Paradise Farm

Organic Smoking Herb Sampler Pack, Sustainable Farm Grown Herbs

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Want to cut down or quit smoking cigarettes or weed? Try out smoking these herbs instead or mixed in. 

Smoking anything is harmful to your health. There are no herbs to smoke that are better than not smoking, however, there are many herbs that are better to smoke and have some health advantages, if you are going to smoke anyway. 

This sampler pack lets you pick and choose different herbs depending on your mood and includes 8g packs of the following herbs with a description page included in the order to describe how to blend:

- Lemon Balm (for flavour)

- Mugwort (promotes lucid dreaming)

- Mullein (for respiratory health)

- Raspberry leaf (base herb for smoking blends)

- Mint (for flavour)

- Lavender (we include a 2g pack of lavender for flavouring)