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Little Piece of Paradise Farm

Organic Cough, Cold, Flu Herbs, Sustainable Farm Grown Herb Medicine

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We are a small-scale producer of culinary and medicinal herbs. All herbs are grown on our certified organic farm in British Columbia and are hand harvested, dried, and packaged on site in a dedicated approved facility. Our products are picked at their peak and dried in small batches to retain shape and flavour.
Our farm also uses regenerative farming practices, such as using animals (goats, sheep, pigs) to maintain and prepare new beds. This ensures that not only are we organic, but no heavy machinery ever touches the soil, and we maintain a healthy soil ecosystem.

This assortment is of, 40g Elderberry, 10g Thyme, 8g Anise Hyssop and 8g Whole leaf Sage. It will allow you to mix and match different herbs depending on your mood, taste or what is currently bothering you.
This kit also includes a referenced description sheet of each of the herbs to add and a couple of recipes to use with the herbs.

Some examples of the research,

Anise Hyssop is “an aromatic, pleasant tasting herb that increases perspiration and relieves bronchial congestion…[used] internally for coughs in the traditional medicine of several native N American tribes. (Bown, Deni. Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses. RD Press, 1995)

“[Elderberry] is most famous for [its] ability to shorten the duration of the flu,” (De la Foret, Rosalee. alchemy of Herbs. Hay House, Inc., 2017)

“Thyme is used for acute and chronic respiratory affections, including coughs and colds.” (Tierra, Michael. the way of Herbs. Pocket Books, 1998)

Other herbs good for the first stages of a cold, flu and fever are Lemon Balm, Elderflower, Yarrow and Mint.

*Ships as 2 flat pack envelopes
*8g cut and dried
*Packaged in a paper bag with plastic lining to retain freshness and keep moisture out
*Store away from light, heat or moisture
*We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any plant medicine but grow, harvest and dry according to principles that retain medicinal value

If you are interested in buying larger quantities at reduced prices, please see our “20g package” listing or get in touch.

Our organic certification is from PACS Certification Society in BC, Canada and our herb drying facility is approved by Interior Health.

We, unfortunately, cannot accept returns or exchanges but please contact us within 4 business days of receiving your item if there is a problem.