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Little Piece of Paradise Farm

2022 Harvest: Organic Dried Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris

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Mugwort is known to stimulate gastric juice and bile secretion, this helps with digestive problems. This herb is also known to help with irregular menstruation, high blood pressure and as a liver tonic.
When smoked, mugwort is said to induce lucid dreaming!

*8g plant leaves dried
*Packaged in a paper bag with plastic lining to retain freshness and keep moisture out
*Store away from light, heat or moisture
*We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any plant medicine but grow, harvest and dry according to principles that retain medicinal value

If you are interested in buying larger quantities at reduced prices, please see our “20g package” product listing or get in touch.

Our organic certification is from PACS Certification Society in BC, Canada and our herb drying facility is approved by Interior Health.

We, unfortunately, cannot accept returns or exchanges but please contact us within 4 business days of receiving your item if there is a problem.