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Little Piece of Paradise Farm has the pleasure of offering the below course in May 2022:
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Title: Introduction to locally grown culinary and medicinal herbs
Date/Time: 2 Saturdays in May 7 & 28, 2022, 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Little Piece of Paradise Farm (Winlaw) / Headwaters Farm (Harrop)
Ever wanted to identify more herbs, know their tastes to experiment in cooking or making teas, or know their medicinal value? During this introduction to culinary and medicinal herbs, you will spend 2 days on 2 different herb farms. The first being Little Piece of Paradise Farm in Winlaw, where you will explore this sustainable, regenerative, and certified organic herb farm, learn to identify herbs, taste them, and finish off making your very own herbal tea using our dried herbs.
The second day will explore Headwaters Farm, a farm more specialized in medicinal herbs, where you will learn about,
  • Establishing a medicinal herb garden. Soil prep, layout, planting strategies, long term planning. We will work to establish pathways and a new section for planting by sheet mulching so participants can have hands-on experience while being given the opportunity to ask questions during the process. 
  • Herb propagation by seed and root division. Hands on work digging up herbs and transplanting them directly into a site we just prepared. . Demonstration of seeding herbs in starter trays. Direct seeding herbs like Milky oats, california poppy)
  • Harvesting medicinal plants, drying and storing herbs. 
  • Preparing  plants for use as medicine and  an overview of some common medicinal herbs and their properties, including either a demonstrate on making a tincture the folk way and quantitative way. 
Takeaway: 8g Herbal Tea made by participant, 2ml Bottle of Tincture
Cost: $182 +GST
To register visit, https://selkirk.ca/ce
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