Elderberry Tea

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Thankfully we have an abundance of elderberry growing on most of the slopes on our farm. We harvest these berries in the fall and dry them in our herb workshop. We sell this immune-boosting herb in 40g packages or in bulk, or in a DIY elderberry kit with herbs that combine to make a perfect tea. Of course, all the elderberry we sell is grown on our farm and is all certified organic.
There are two common recipes you can make with this nutrient packed, immune-boosting herb: elderberry tea or elderberry syrup.
Both are simple and take very few ingredients, below you will find elderberry tea,
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My go-to recipe that I make in large batches when our family needs an immune-boost is elderberry tea. I put a large pot on the stovetop and throw in handfuls of berries and other herbs like anise hyssop, hyssop, thyme and mullein leaves.
Elderberry Tea:
Generally, use a ratio of 1 Tbsp of dried berries per 1 cup of water.
Bring your pot of water + dried elderberries to a boil, then let simmer for 12minutes. 
If you are adding other herbs to the tea, add the herbs at the end of the 12minutes of simmering and immediately, take your pot of tea off the stove and pour into a teapot with a strainer (or, strain into cups).
Let steep/stand for 5minutes before drinking. 
If you have extra, let the berries steep in the water longer on the counter. And, if you've make a big pot, pour the remaining tea in jars and store in the fridge to drink later.
elderberry tea
Another recipe is Elderberry syrup. And I have seen make versions of this recipe, even two completely different recipes in two of Rosemary Gladstar's books! The recipe is more or less complicated to make and varies with the amount of honey used. Stay tuned for the full recipe.
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Dried elderberries can be make into so many kinds of tea or syrup. We have received so much feedback from you on your uses, and loved this picture from @elderberryroots that she posted on our Instagram page featuring our herbs that she made into her Herbal Syrup under a full moon.